Well Pump Tips Every New Well Owner Should Keep In Mind

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Well Pump Tips Every New Well Owner Should Keep In Mind

27 April 2021
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Installing a new water well on your property is a great opportunity to reduce or eliminate your water bill from the local town while bringing in water that should be healthier for you and your family than the local tap supply. But a water well is more than just the actual well. You will require a well pump to actually get the water out of the ground and plenty of wiring and piping to make sure everything keeps running and goes where it's supposed to. If you want to ensure your well pump remains in good condition for years to come, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Check the Wiring for Wear and Tear and Other Issues

Your well pump likely has copper wiring that is critical to its operation. As the well pump does its job over time, it's possible some of your wiring could become loose. Once your wiring acquires wear and tear or is looser than it should be, a variety of problems could occur. The well pump could run less efficiently if it has an energy problem. You could also be at risk of small bugs like ants getting into your well pump if some of your wiring is loose. Once that happens, additional damage can easily be done by the bugs, and then you're going to have a mess to clean up and a well pump to replace. Get into the habit of checking the pump's wiring to ensure a tight fit and no issues due to wear and tear or infestation over time.

Ensure You Are Operating at the Right Pressure

Your well pump has an air bladder that it uses to store air while in operation. Most pumps also use a water bladder to hold water that has been pulled out of the well but not yet sent to your house. The air pressure within your pump's bladder is key to its efficient operation. If your energy bill is going up or your pump seems to be constantly running, there might be a problem with the pressure level that your pump is trying to overcompensate for.

Regular Maintenance From a Professional Is Key

While you can keep an eye on things like basic wear and tear to the pump's wiring and the overall pressure level, you'll want to go above and beyond this for the best results. A full inspection from a well pump professional at least a couple of times per year will ensure that no problems go overlooked or develop into more expensive repair bills.

Reach out to a professional to discuss your well pump needs.