3 Helpful Services Your Water Well Contractor Can Provide

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3 Helpful Services Your Water Well Contractor Can Provide

2 November 2018
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Access to a fresh supply of water is essential to the health and safety of your family. If your home is serviced by a private well, then working with the right contractor is important. Water well contractors can be called upon to help you drill a new well or care for your existing one.

In addition to these obvious services, you can also rely on a reputable contractor to offer the following three valuable services in relation to your water supply.

1. Typical Well Depths

Drilling a new water well can be tricky. The depth of the water table can vary from one geographic area to another. An experienced well contractor will be familiar with the geography where your home is located.

This familiarity will allow your well contractor to determine the approximate depth your well will need to be based on the typical well depths of other wells in the area. This information can be very helpful, considering that most well contractors charge by the foot to dig a new well.

Using typical well depths to inform estimates can help you get a more accurate quote from your well contractor.

2. Necessary Permits

There are a bevy of permits that might be needed to legally dig a new water well to service your home. You may find that you also need permits to complete any repair work on your existing well. Most well contractors will not secure these permits on behalf of the homeowner.

A quality well contractor will provide you with information on the permits that will be needed based on the work the contractor plans to complete. You can even turn to a reputable well contractor for contact information that will help you locate the right government agency to obtain the permits needed to care for your well system.

3. Well Logs

Having an understanding of the materials used to build your well and the previous maintenance completed on the well can be beneficial when it comes to troubleshooting problems with your water supply in the future.

Your well contractor will be able to provide you with a comprehensive well log. This log will contain information on the depth, pump size, and materials used within your well. You can add to the well log with each scheduled maintenance visit completed by your well contractor to create a historical record of the performance of your water well for future reference.

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