Plumbing Issues You May Face If You Buy an Older Home

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Plumbing Issues You May Face If You Buy an Older Home

2 November 2018
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When you are looking at purchasing a home, you may find yourself attracted to the idea of owning an older home. Old houses have a great deal of appeal. They are unique, built to last, and often have a warmth and charm that are lacking in more contemporary homes. However, along with all of the benefits of an older home come the challenges. Plumbing issues can be one such challenge in an older home. Get to know some of the plumbing issues you may face if you decide to purchase an older home. Then, you can be better prepared for what might happen after you move into your new house.

Sewer Line Problems

One of the biggest and most frustrating problems that you might face when you purchase an older home is sewer line problems. The sewer line carries what is known as black and gray water (i.e., used water) out of the home and to the municipal systems that treat the water and remove contaminants.

The sewer line is incredibly important for keeping the plumbing system up and running smoothly. Unfortunately, after many decades in use, trouble can arise. For example, tree roots are attracted to the moisture that the sewer line gives off and will gravitate towards it. They can actually grow into or through the sewer line, causing leakage into your yard as well as blockages in the pipe. This can also cause sewage backup into your home.

Another problem sewer lines may face is corrosion, which can cause similar issues. Blockages can also occur even if there are no tree roots or other objects intruding upon the sewer line. Drain cleaning can help to clear standard clogs from the sewer line, whereas plumbers may need to both clean the drain and repair damage in the case of tree roots or other corrosion issues. Go to sites like to find professionals to help you manage this and other plumbing jobs. 

Pipes That Are Galvanized

Another issue that you may face when owning an older house is the type of pipes used in your home. Specifically, if you find that you have galvanized pipes, you may eventually have trouble. The galvanization process involves putting a zinc coating over an iron pipe. This was done to keep iron pipes from rusting and cracking quickly.

However, eventually the zinc coating and the iron both will wear out and the pipes will need to be replaced. If you notice that your water has an odd color to it or a strange odor, there could be failing galvanized pipes in your home. These will need to be replaced as soon as possible to avoid further water contamination and to prevent any major leaks.

Now that you know some of the plumbing problems that you could face when you purchase an older home, you can be sure you contact a plumber as soon as possible to help you assess your home's plumbing and conduct any repairs that you need to be completed.