Types Of Hot Water Tanks You Can Use In Your Home

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Types Of Hot Water Tanks You Can Use In Your Home

2 November 2018
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If your hot water heater is reaching the end of its life, it is time for you to switch out your hot water heater with a new one that will provide you with all the hot water that you need. Before you install a new hot water heater, make sure that you review all of your hot water tank options.

#1 Condensing Water Tank

A condensing water tank is a really large water tank. It is best for large family homes or other situations where lots of people would be taking showers and using the hot water on a regular basis.

Condensing water tanks are unique in that they first heat up the water using hot exhaust gases that come from your heating and cooling system. These hot exhaust gases are blown through the base of the unit and used to heat up the water inside of them. When exhaust gas is not available, gas can be supplied to a condensing tank.

These tanks are really similar to conventional water heaters, but they rely on reusing energy and have really large storage capacities.

#2 Conventional Storage Tank

A conventional storage tank is the type of cylinder tank you see in most homes. These water heaters may be powered by gas or electricity. They heat up the water and store it inside of the tank for when you need it. As you draw hot water from the tank, more water is heated up for later use.

Conventional storage tanks are common in apartment and one-family homes. The size and number of conventional storage tanks you need depends upon the size of your home.

#3 Tankless Water Tank

Tankless water tanks are also often called on-demand water heaters. These types of water heaters are small and compact; they take up a lot less space than a conventional or condensing water tank.

Tankless water heaters heat up the water that you need to use right on the spot. Most tankless water heaters use gas to heat up the water quickly, although some use electricity. They are very energy and cost efficient over the long run, but have higher installation costs up-front.

#4 Solar Tank

A solar water tank has a solar panel that is mounted on the roof of your home and captures the sun's heat. The sun's heat is transferred to a closed-loop system, where antifreeze type fluid runs between the water tank and the panel, heating up the water. This can be a great way to heat up your water when the sun is out. The tank stores the water so that you have hot water even when the sun is not out. Most solar tanks also have a backup power supply to ensure that you have hot water when you need it.

Consider how much hot water you need access to at one time, what type of space you have for a water heater, and what type of fuel system you want your water heater to use when choosing a new water heater to replace your old one with. A plumbing professional, like those at Silverdale Plumbing & Heating Inc, can help assist you in making the right choice for your home.