Hot Tub Installation Tips For Difficult Conditions

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Hot Tub Installation Tips For Difficult Conditions

3 November 2018
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Homeowners who decide to install a hot tub are often solely focused on the relaxation and comfort they will enjoy every evening while soaking in the swirling, bubbling warmth. Because of this, they may not have given serious consideration to the possible difficulties they may face when adding a hot tub to their existing home. If you or a family member has their heart set on installing a hot tub in your home, taking a moment now to educate yourself about some of the difficulties you may face can save you time and trouble when the hot tub is actually delivered and you are ready to hook it up. 

Location considerations

While you may have secret fantasies of adding a hot tub to the master bedroom or other room of the home, an outdoor or semi-open location will make it more convenient to drain, clean, and conduct routine maintenance. While hot tubs can be installed inside enclosed spaces, it is important to ensure that their filled weight is considered. This number is often miscalculated by computing only the weight of the tub and components plus the weight of the water. Instead, it is necessary to also include the additional weight of occupants of the tub. For instance, four people weighing an average of 150 pounds per person adds another 600 pounds to the weight of the tub and must be considered when ensuring that the flooring is adequate for this purpose. 

Opting to place the hot tub on a concrete patio or porch, or structurally adequate wooden surface, will offer better support for the hot tub and components as well as reduce the potential for carpet or flooring damage from spills, sloshes, damp clothing, and wet feet. 

Access to water and drains

It is also important to consider how you will fill and drain the hot tub before deciding on a final location. Choosing a spot where you can easily use a garden hose and an outdoor hydrant to fill the tub will be much more convenient and less messy than attempting to use a hose inside your home. In order to make it easier to drain, choose a location outfitted with a drain or one where you can safely drain the water onto your lawn or another soil or gravel surface. 

Working with a reputable plumbing contractor is the best way to ensure that your hot tub is perfectly located and plumbed for worry-free use. Many also offer an excellent selection of high-quality hot-tubs and full-service maintenance plans to make owning a hot tub even more convenient. Contact a company like Brown's Plumbing, Pumps & Spas to learn more.