Water Access And Waste Water Disposal Systems Installed From Start To Finish

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Water Access And Waste Water Disposal Systems Installed From Start To Finish

3 November 2018
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You have decided to build a home out in the country where it is peaceful and no one is around for miles. There is just one thing; you will not have city plumbing, so you will need a well and a septic system. To get both into your brand-new home, you will need a plumbing contractor, a well contractor, and a septic tank contractor. Here is what that looks like, from start to finish.

The Plumber Installs Mostly Normal Indoor Plumbing

Even when you have a well and a septic system, most of your indoor plumbing is the same as it would be if you lived in the city. All of your pipes from your sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, and water consumption appliances are all the same. They all empty into a main sewer line. The only exceptions, really, are the sewer stack that empties into the septic tank, and the plumbing that comes into the house from the well. The plumber installs some different plumbing lines for these items. He/she may also install gas lines if you intend to use natural gas or propane for anything, and he/she installs your water heater too. If you want a water softener to keep the earthy, funkiness out of your well water, that is another appliance the plumber will install at the same time that the rest of the plumbing is installed in your new home.

​The Well Contractor Digs the Well, Installs the Pump and Water Tank, and Provides the Connections

At about the same time that the plumber is installing the indoor plumbing, the well contractor is locating the spot for the well. Then he/she digs the well, installs the well pump and pump lines, installs the holding tank for all of the water pumped out of the well, and prepares the plumbing lines that will go from outside the house to inside the house. The plumber manages things from there. 

The Septic System Contractor Is Busy, Too

The well cannot be located anywhere near the septic system, so the septic system service contractor works alongside the well contractor to locate a well and place the septic tank and exterior septic lines away from the well. Then the two work independently of each other to keep fresh water going into the house and wastewater coming out of the house. The plumber is there to make sure the septic lines are properly connected to the wastewater stack and outgoing septic lines.