Need A New Water Heater? Choose From These Four Types

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Need A New Water Heater? Choose From These Four Types

5 November 2018
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Every home needs a hot water heater. If yours has suddenly stopped working, you'll quickly discover that your whole day is disrupted as soon as you get ready to shower in the early morning. Replacing a water heater does give you the option to use hot water any time that you want, and with four types to pick from, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Here is what you need to know about the different water heaters available to you.


Using an electric-powered hot water heater gives you several advantages over other types. This water heater doesn't require ventilation like those that run on gas, so it can be put anywhere in your home. If the water heater needs to go in an interior closet, you can make an electric hot water heater work. This type of hot water heater also requires minimal maintenance over the years and has a low purchase price.

The main drawback is that the tank itself isn't the most efficient model when it comes to heating water. It can take time to refill the tank if you use up all the water, and it's possible that using electricity as the fuel source will cost more than the alternatives.

Natural Gas

Many homeowners like having a natural gas-powered hot water heater due to how efficient it is. The water heats up quickly, and gas is typically cheaper than other fuel sources. However, it can be difficult to switch to a natural gas hot water heater if you currently use another fuel source. The cost of adding a natural gas line to your home can be prohibitive, especially if you do not have gas service.


Using propane will provide many of the advantages that natural gas has, but you avoid the problem with needing to add a fuel line to your home. The propane tank can be refilled by a professional that comes to your home, which reduces the upfront cost required for the installation of the tank. Of course, any tank that uses gas will require proper ventilation, which limits where in the home you can put this kind of hot water heater.


If you are looking to be environmentally friendly, you can use a solar hot water heater. As the same implies, it gets its energy through solar panels that are installed outside of your home. Expect to pay more up front for the installation of this tank, but the cost to run it over time will be minimal.

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