Annual Plumbing Maintenance Checklist For Homeowners

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Annual Plumbing Maintenance Checklist For Homeowners

6 November 2018
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If you recently moved into a house that you purchased and have never owned a house before, you might think that you will only need to hire a plumber when you experience problems. While some homeowners only hire plumbers to fix problems, others hire plumbers to complete annual plumbing maintenance tasks. Hiring a plumber to complete standard maintenance on your home's plumbing system will help you prevent problems, and here are several steps your plumber will complete during an annual plumbing maintenance service call.

Check All Drains to See How Well They Work

One step a plumber will take during this type of service call is checking all the drains in your home to make sure they are flowing freely. If your drains are not moving as quickly as they should be, the plumber may clean them out or check the plumbing vents to make sure they are not clogged. Making sure your drains are working smoothly is a great way to avoid clogs in the future.

Inspect Faucets and Sinks for Leaks and Drips

The plumber will also check every faucet in your home along with the drain pipes to make sure there are no leaks or drips coming from them. The washers in faucets often need to be replaced, as they wear out. If your plumber notices drips of any kind, he or she may replace the washers or other parts as needed. This will help prevent leaky, drippy faucets in the future.  

Test Shut-Off Valves

The plumber may also test your shut-off valves by each faucet. If there are no valves present, the plumber may recommend installing them. If they are not working properly, the plumber may replace them as needed.

Analyze the Water Pressure

Plumbers also typically analyze water pressure when completing maintenance calls. If your water pressure is not as high as it should be, the plumber may try adjusting the water pump or may investigate why this is happening. There are a number of things that can cause a decrease in water pressure, and your plumber will figure out what is causing this problem in your home.

Inspect the Appliances

Finally, your plumber is likely to check and inspect all the appliances in your home, simply to make sure the plumbing aspect of each of them is working properly.

If you want to protect your house from plumbing problems, you should complete routine maintenance on your plumbing system, and you can do this by scheduling an appointment with a plumbing company like Plumb-It Inc today.