Three Signs Of Water Filter Problems

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Three Signs Of Water Filter Problems

6 November 2018
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Your water filtration system is supposed to block out a multitude of different contaminants from your home's water supply. However, just like every other complicated system and appliance within your home, your water filtration system can begin to perform less effectively over time. Understanding some of the warning signs associated with a filtration system that is no longer working as intended can help you identify when you should talk to a plumbing repair contractor about replacing or repairing your existing filtration system to get properly filtered water flowing in your home again.

Lack of Transparency

The first and most obvious sign that something has gone wrong with your water filter is if you notice that the water is no longer perfectly transparent. Any sort of discoloration or floating particles within the water itself can point to a clogged or dirty filter that is no longer able to adequately keep minerals and particles out of your water supply. In some cases, this only requires changing the filter itself, but if the problem persists or if the filter is new, you may need to talk to a plumber about upgrading your existing system.

Poor Taste and Smell

Water that is properly filtered should be completely free of taste and odor. Any sort of aftertaste or unpleasant tinge can point to the presence of bacteria, mold, or other contaminants within your water supply that your water filter is simply not adequately removing. The presence of mold and bacteria can also carry a strong smell, ranging from the earthy tones of dirt to the smell of body odor or rotting eggs. Minerals and rust can also carry a metallic taste or smell. Drinking these contaminants can be a serious health concern, and you should avoid drinking your water until a professional plumber has had the chance to inspect your system and determine what is wrong.


Finally, the last sign that your water filtration system is not doing its job properly is if you can spot stains on a number of items after they have been washed and cleaned. Keep in mind that water stains are different from stains caused by contaminants; dissolved minerals and rust can leave orange and blueish-green stains and residue on your glassware and dishes. Further, high mineral content in your water supply can also be abrasive on your skin (causing dryness, rashes, and irritation) and your clothes (increasing wear and damaging fabrics).