Converting Your Basement Into A Rental Unit? 3 Reasons To Start With A Plumber

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Converting Your Basement Into A Rental Unit? 3 Reasons To Start With A Plumber

17 July 2019
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When you have a large basement that is currently going unused or you simply want to earn more income, it can be a good decision to convert the basement into a livable unit for renting. Whether you're going to be renting the basement out to people traveling on vacation or you want long-term renters, there are several things that you'll need to work on so that the basement is in a livable state.

With so many different services being needed for updating your basement, look into why you should rely on a plumber to get you started.

Have a Bathroom Added

Any rental property should have a bathroom included for the tenants, making it important to look into having a bathroom installed by an experienced plumber. A plumber can help install the fixtures needed for the bathroom, including a water heater, sink, and shower. With how difficult this kind of plumbing work can be, it's best to rely on a plumber that's experienced with this kind of major construction work so that the rental unit is ready to use.

Get a Working Kitchen

Another feature that can be essential to many tenants when renting the unit out for vacations or long-term living is the kitchen. It can be problematic for the basement to be lacking a fully functioning kitchen since it will require the renters to cook outside the kitchen every time. Getting a working kitchen can be as simple as having a fridge hooked up, as well as a sink for washing dishes.

Relying on a plumber to install the fixtures for the kitchen can help make a big difference in how the kitchen will turn out and whether it will be a fully functioning set up.

Keep Utility Costs Low

As you get ready for converting the basement, you need to make sure that utility costs aren't going to be too high. Instead of rushing into getting the remodeling done, it's best to focus on choosing energy efficient updates so that the basement is appealing to renters. Focusing on energy efficiency can be better for the environment and ensure that all the utilities will be easily affordable and not daunting for renters.

As you make plans for remodeling the basement into a fully functioning rental unit, you need to consider the difference that a plumber can make. With the above reasons to rely on a plumber for your basement, you can make sure that the work is done professionally and that the unit is more appealing to renters.