How To Tell If Your Water Main Has A Slow Leak — And The Repairs That Might Need To Be Done

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How To Tell If Your Water Main Has A Slow Leak — And The Repairs That Might Need To Be Done

16 January 2020
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When the water main to your house bursts, you could have a serious situation with spewing water in your yard. This calls for emergency repairs from a plumber so your water bill doesn't skyrocket and to minimize water damage. However, it's also possible your water main can be bad and not spew water above the ground. If the leak is a fairly small one, it could go on for a long time and leave you wondering why your water bill keeps rising. Here are signs your water main could have a slow leak and how to handle the problem.

Signs Of A Water Main Leak

If water is leaking under the soil, it might make the grass and other plants in the area lush and green when compared to grass in other parts of your yard. If the leak goes on long enough, the soil might shift due to all the water. Shifting soil could result in a depression in the ground or even cracking or sinking of your driveway. You might experience a drop in water pressure or hear noises that sound like water rushing.

A way to tell if your water main is leaking is to turn off your water main valve near your house and then check the meter. If the meter keeps turning, water is leaking in the main line between the meter and your main shut-off valve.

Repairs That Could Be Needed

Call a plumber to fix a water main leak right away so you can avoid a burst pipe that causes water to rush out. One reason a burst water main is so serious is because you can't shut off the water since the pipe is on the front side of the shut-off valve. It's best to call a plumber when you suspect a leak so repairs can be done right away. The plumber may need to repair the pipe or replace it. This may require digging in your yard to access the damaged area. Another option might be to pull a liner through the pipe so digging is minimized. The method of repairs depends on the condition of the pipe and the area of damage.

Flushing The Pipes Might Be Necessary

Once the water main repairs are complete, your plumber will let you know the next steps to take. It's possible the pipes could have dirt or other debris in them that got washed in during the leaking and repair process. If you let water drain from the pipes for several minutes and hold off on flushing the toilet, the debris will wash out of the lines so they don't cause clogs or contaminate your drinking water.