Answering Important Septic Tank Repair And Maintenance Questions

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Answering Important Septic Tank Repair And Maintenance Questions

11 August 2020
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A septic tank is one of the most important components of a home's plumbing system, but this is not a component that homeowners are likely to have much knowledge about. In order to avoid being at a disadvantage or potentially causing significant damage to the tank, you will need to develop a solid understanding of these systems.

Is The Septic Tank The Only Part Of Your Home's Wastewater Management System?

Homeowners will often assume that the septic tank is the only part of their wastewater management system. However, a septic tank will essentially only hold the water so that solid materials can sink to the bottom of the tank where they can break down. This will allow the relatively clear water to drain out of the septic tank through the drainfield. This part of the system is essentially a series of long drain pipes that will allow the treated septic water to drain out of the system in a way that will minimize erosion and ensure the water disperses.

What Are The Most Important Steps In Keeping The Septic Tank From Suffering A Malfunction?

There are many different malfunctions that a septic tank will be able to experience, such as clogs and cracks. Repairing these problems can be an expensive affair due to the difficulty of reaching the septic tank. Luckily, it is possible for you to avoid many septic tank problems by performing regular maintenance. This will allow for solid materials that are unable to break down to be removed before they are able to reach an area of the septic system where they can cause a clog to form. Furthermore, routine inspections of the septic tank can allow for cracks to be identified and repaired.

What Is Needed To Repair A Damaged Septic Tank?

If your septic tank has suffered damage, the exact repair steps will largely depend on the type and severity of the damage that has occurred. For example, a routine clog may be able to be removed without the need to excavate the soil from around the septic tank. However, if the damage is to the exterior walls of the septic tank, excavation may be unavoidable. This will be needed to expose the damaged section of the septic tank so that it can be repaired. Conversely, if the damage has occurred to the interior walls of the septic tank, excavation may be avoided as these damages may be able to be patched from the inside of the septic tank. However, a more thorough evaluation will be needed to determine whether this is an option.