Get Help For Your Septic System At Signs Of Trouble

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Get Help For Your Septic System At Signs Of Trouble

19 November 2020
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 Septic system services should come to your home every other year or so to empty your septic tank and do an inspection. When there are no problems with your septic system, routine maintenance every other year is often enough. Pay attention to what you put down your drains when you have a septic system, and get help if you notice any signs of trouble. If the leach field grass turns bright green, or if you notice a foul odor in your yard, then your septic system is not draining properly. Issues with your indoor plumbing can mean your septic system is getting full or that there is a clog in the main sewer line.

Your Drains Are Going Slowly

If one drain has a problem in your home, this is usually a localized clog that can be managed easily. If more than one drain in your home is going slow, you have a clog much deeper in your system. When the home has a septic system, the first defense is to have septic system services come to see if your tank is full. As your tank fills up, the ability of your drains to remove wastewater from your home decreases. If there is a clog, this needs to be addressed to keep the water flowing.

Your Drains Have an Odor

If you can smell a bad odor coming from your drains, this is usually caused by wastewater buildup. This means you have a clog in your system, and water is not draining from your home as it should. You might have a clog, or the tank is not working properly.

When You Have Problems Outside Your Home

If your leach field starts to fail, this can lead to standing water in your yard. The grass above the leach field becomes bright green because of the additional nitrogen from the wastewater. If you have puddles, this is wastewater and needs to be handled right away. Don't ignore problems with your septic system, as this will lead to the need for a complete system replacement.

You can have two leach fields, and alternate between the two when one fails. If you notice problems with your yard or smell an odor inside your home, it's important to have your septic system serviced by a professional right away when you notice issues with your system.

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