When To Call The Emergency Plumber

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When To Call The Emergency Plumber

31 July 2020
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People rely heavily on functioning plumbing in their everyday lives. Plumbing carries away waste and brings fresh water to people's homes. In an ideal world, plumbing would always function as it's supposed to. Unfortunately, plumbing issues can sometimes arise. It's wise to keep your plumber's phone number handy, but there are times when a regular appointment won't suffice. If a plumbing emergency arises, you need immediate assistance. Here are three instances when you should call an emergency plumber:

1. Sewage Backups

Sewage backups are dreaded by renters and homeowners alike, for good reason. When pipes back up, wastewater can emerge from any of the pipes in your house. You may notice sewage seeping up from your shower drain, kitchen sink, or bathroom sink. Sewage contains bacteria and fecal matter that are harmful to your health. If you notice sewage backing up in any of your water fixtures, stay clear of it. Contact an emergency plumber to take care of the issue.

2. Unusable Toilet

Many minor toilet problems can be solved without calling a plumber. Light clogs can be removed with a plunger when they're located close to your toilet's opening. However, tougher clogs can be impossible to remove without a plumber's expert help. If your toilet is clogged and unusable, you should contact an emergency plumbing service. Toilets are a vital part of any household. Lack of access to a working toilet can be hazardous to your health.

3. Overflowing Water

A water main provides water for your home. The water fixtures in your house all contain valves that allow you to start and stop the flow of water. A burst pipe or malfunctioning valve can prevent you from cutting off the flow of water. Overflowing water fixtures are a big problem. They can cause flooding if left unchecked. Burst pipes can also cause water to overflow. If a pipe bursts in your walls, it may take some time to notice the problem. If you're dealing with an uncontrollable flow of water, call an emergency plumber right away. They may direct you to turn off the water to your house using the water main shut-off until they arrive.

Emergency plumbing services understand that you can't plan for a plumbing catastrophe. You can call an emergency plumber at any time, even if it's late at night. They work on nights and weekends to deal with plumbing disasters before they reach critical levels. Contact a company that offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services to learn more.