Answers To Some Common Tankless Water Heater Questions

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Answers To Some Common Tankless Water Heater Questions

11 January 2021
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Tankless water heaters are a popular option for any homeowner that needs to provide their homes with a steady supply of hot water. While a tankless system can provide superior performance, homeowners will still need to have a somewhat developed understanding of the maintenance work that these systems will require.

What Gives A Tankless Water Heater Its Advantages Over Traditional Units?

A tankless water heater will have the advantage of being able to provide your home with vastly larger amounts of hot water than what a traditional water heater is capable of outputting. One of the reasons for this sizable performance advantage is that a tankless system will not rely on a reservoir of previously heated water. Rather, the system will have specially designed heating elements that can warm the water as it moves through the tankless water heater. This rapid heating of the water can allow the system to provide hot water on demand. Homeowners might think that these systems will sound less efficient than a standard water heater, but they are actually far more effective as they will only heat water when it is needed rather than constantly keeping the water in the reservoir warm.

Is Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Difficult?

A tankless water heater can provide far better performance for a homeowner than a traditional system, but it will require slightly more maintenance in order to keep it functional. This is partially a result of the system having a long series of tubes that heat the water. These tubes can be more prone to developing clogs from mineral accumulations and sediment deposits. These impacts can leave the water heater both unable to effectively warm the water moving through it as well as reduce the flow of water through the system. Having this appliance serviced every few years will be an important step in keeping your system functioning at peak efficiency.  

Can Hard Water Impact The Performance Of Your Tankless Water Heater?

Unfortunately, homes that have harder water will be at a greater risk of encountering performance problems with their water heater. This is due to the potential of the hard water to contribute to large mineral deposits forming throughout the system fairly rapidly. To keep your tankless water heater protected from this potential problem, you should consider installing a water softener for your home. This system will be able to remove the minerals from the water that is flowing through the home so that it will be less likely to cause disruptive mineral accumulations or other performance problems with your plumbing or plumbing fixtures and appliances.

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